I don’t have a driving licence, what should I do?

"But I don’t have a driving licence, what do I do?"

Quite simple, you apply for a provisional UK driving licence. Once you have received it you can  complete your profile by entering your provisional driving licence number
If correct you will be successfully verified

Click here to go to the driving licence website

Get your first provisional driving licence for a moped, motorbike and car from DVLA online. To apply you must:

I legally cannot get a driving licence, what do I do now ?

In this situation you are quite truly stuck and we can only hope the UK government allows those people who are legally unable to gain a provisional driving licence to get a version that has the same ID aspects but  does not give you a right to drive

But for a short-term basis the only option is

Explain to the landlord why you believe you are legally unable to acquire a driving licence and that you have a Guardian willing to sign a RenterBall agreement on your behalf

In this scenario the landlord has got one thing to ponder

“The person who is claiming to not have a UK driving licence maybe has previously used      

 RenterBall and has bad feedback which they are trying to hide”

If a tenant does not have a UK Full or Provisional Driving Licence and the Landlord insists that they use RenterBall, then the Tenant is required to have a Guardian represent them

A Guardian is somebody who has a
UK National Insurance number and a UK Full or Provisional Driving Licence ( excluding Northern Ireland )

The Guardian is not a guarantor but in a lot of circumstances they will also be a guarantor as well. A Guardian or Guarantor can not also be an occupier on the tenancy agreement

The RenterBall guardian’s duties are
Open a tenant page in their name on behalf of who they are representing
Apply on adverts on their behalf
Meet the landlord along with the tenant
Sign the RenterBall agreement
But most importantly
Receive all of the feedback left on the tenant, lodged forever on the guardian’s account
If the guardian’s account has debt feedback, they will not be able to use RenterBall again unless they sort out the debt

You can only be a RenterBall Guardian of someone who has a UK National Insurance number

Those who do not have a  NI number cannot use RenterBall.

Last Updated 2021-03-20