Why do I need a driving licence to use RenterBall ?

RenterBall needs to uniquely identify users and block users from having more than one verified account

Unfortunately the UK government has made this very tricky to implement
Most of the rest of the (Non-English-speaking) world Issues their citizens with a government issued ID card allowing companies to ensure individuals cannot have more than one registered account

After signifcant testing RenterBall has implemented the easiest method which uniquely identifies people

To be able to uniquely identify somebody, a user has to provide
1 Full legal name
2 Date of birth
3 National insurance number
4 UK Full or Provisional Driving licence number 

Very disappointingly the following ID documents do not block duplicate users
UK passports
UK military ID
UK police ID
UK student ID
Age verification ID cards

Every one of these ID documents use their own unique system and unfortunately they not all compatible however

Think of it like this

Multiple people have the exact same name and date of birth
(out of 65 million people in the UK This happened more than we think)

So therefore for users to be able to have a verified RenterBall account you are required to
have a UK driving licence and National Insurance number and if you do not then you need someone who does to represent you on RenterBall, we call them a Guardian

If you require somebody to represent you then check out the Guardian article here below
Click Here

Last Updated 2021-01-04