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RenterBall is a UK National Database website for Landlords to be able to check out the history of Tenants and to be able to leave feedback on their current or past tenants




it's impossible for a bad Tenant to reoffend again on RenterBall

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Stop Bad Landlord

Landlord has to upload ID before they can advertise

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Landlord, Letting agents can advertise your properties to rent for free on RenterBall


Stop Abandonment

Landlord need to leave feedback before your tenant can sign a new RenterBall agreement

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Tenant feedback

Check out the profiles and read the feedback of those who have applied on your adverts

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Data Protection

Tenants need to manually unlock their profile to a landlord by applying on an advert

Control who can see your profile

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One account for life

We are able to uniquely identify users and block users from having more than one verified account