Tenants Features

Fake Landlords


There is a well-known issue with fake landlords renting out properties taking rent and deposits and then the tenant discovers  they have no legal right to the property.

Rent with more confidence on Renterball
We check the ID of  all landlords before they can post an advert
You can also see how many adverts the landlord has posted and when he joined RenterBall

We check their IDs but offer no legal guarantee that you are renting off a genuine  landlord
It is completely up to you to decide

Tips / Recommendations

Never pay a landlord cash, instead pay it directly into their bank account
This helps a lot in tracking down scammers
Only pay money into a UK bank account

If the property is located in Wales check the landlord is registered on RentSmartWales

In Scotland, landlords must register with the local council, in England
only some councils require landlords to be registered 

How much does it cost to apply to an advert?

Renterball is completely free for Tenants

Bad Tenants

By using RenterBall you give your Landlord confidence that you are a good tenant
RenterBall helps STOP bad tenants from renting

Therefore landlords will not need to charge such high rent, as you will no longer be subsidising bad tenants