About RenterBall

RenterBall is a review portal for Landlords and Tenants in the UK excluding Northern Ireland
The aim is to reduce the risk for Landlords of letting a property to someone who has already been a nightmare to a previous Landlord
The aim is also for tenants to prove categorically their previous letting history, which  could entitle them to lower rent as less risk for landlord
Landlords have to cover the cost of a nightmare tenant somehow, they may have insurance, they may ask for a guarantor. but ultimately the good tenant is paying for the bad tenant

Our vision

RenterBall allows proven good tenants to rent decent properties, without having to have perfect references, guarantors, employment history. . Landlords can see a prospective tenant's application and all history of previous renting through RenterBall

History of RenterBall
Back in 2019 a couple of Landlords met together in a local pub
During a discussion it dawned upon them that the same bad tenant had rented off more than one of them and that if there was only a way for them to be able to legally share data of bad tenants as it was pointed out the data protection laws made it Impossible to stop bad tenants

One of the landlord's sons, a second-generation landlord couldn’t accept this

He said no other industry allows people to repeatedly offend, there has to be away to stop it
After a couple of months of planning they once again met up and he put the idea of RenterBall.com forward

The landlords were quite impressed at the idea and the novel way, RenterBall would deal with data protection law and so the group of landlords backed and help funded RenterBall.com

By the Summer of 2020 the website was mostly complete and a few landlords were invited to take part in the beta testing of the website
With feedback from landlords we spent the remainder of the year fixing bugs and rewriting a few features

January 2021
RenterBall Is now open to the public

A statement from our founder

Why should you have to put up with my bad Ex-tenant, why should I have to put up with yours
teamwork can stop bad tenants in their tracks

Founder James Donnellan