About RenterBall


How it all started 

Late 2019 several Landlords met up in a local pub after a Landlord event

During a discussion it dawned upon them that the same bad tenant had rented off more than one of them and that the data protection laws made it very difficult to share details about bad tenants with other Landlords

If there was only a way for them to be able to legally and easily share data of bad tenants it would have saved them thousands

One of the Landlord's couldn’t accept this

“He said no other industry allows people to repeatedly offend, there has to be away to stop it” said James Donnellan

After a couple of months of brainstorming James arranged for the Landlords to meet up and put forward the idea of RenterBall.com 

The Landlords were quite impressed at the idea and concept and the unique way James (RenterBall) proposed to deal with with data protection laws and sharing of Bad tenants

By the Summer of 2020 the website was mostly complete. Several Landlords were invited to take part in the beta testing of the website

With feedback from Landlords we spent the remainder of the year fixing bugs and adding new features

January 2022
RenterBall.com was soft launched and began a slow roll-out across the country, with one region of Landlords, at a time being invited to come on board
A statement from our founder

To be honest Covid has ruined my letting business. A good percentage of my working tenants decided to stop paying their rent the instant they heard Landlords were getting a mortgage holiday and with the courts shut there wasn’t really much I could do.  Luckily I had well established benefit claimants and I was getting direct payment in most cases.

If a tenant doesn’t want to pay rent why should they expect a new landlord to let to them
RenterBall has been made first and foremost to benefit Landlords

Everything we do at RenterBall is clearly and overwhelmingly in the interests of Landlords and yes there is a small fee to pay but this is to cover the cost of building and running this website It’s a pretty mild and modest amount

A bad tenant can cost us thousands, a mere £12 a year per tenancy is quite frankly nothing

James Donnellan