About RenterBall





Late 2019 several Landlords met up in a local
pub after a Landlord event





During a discussion it dawned upon them that the same bad tenant had rented off more than one of them and that the data protection laws made it very difficult to share details about bad tenants with other Landlords.




If there was only a way for them to be able to legally
and easily share data of bad tenants it would have
saved them thousands.





  One of the Landlord's couldn’t  accept this.

  “He said no other industry allows people to repeatedly offend, there has to be away to stop it” said James Donnellan.






After 4 months of brainstorming and after hundreds of dead ends James was convinced he found the answer.





         Phoning around all of the Landlords, James arranged for them to meet up and put forward the idea of RenterBall.com as a solution





The Landlords were quite impressed at the idea and concept and the way James proposed to share Bad tenants without breaking Data Protection Laws.
With the enthusiasm of the other Landlords James set out to make RenterBall a reality





After two years and many thousands of pounds spent and many sleepless nights James launched RenterBall to a small group of landlords

it was quickly discovered the site needed more features and quite a few bug fixes

James spent the last of 2021 resolving these issues to the landlords' satisfaction.

RenterBall.com was soft launched and began a slow roll-out giving RenterBall enough time to keep the site smooth and bug free

RenterBall Ltd is trading as RenterBall.com

RenterBall Ltd Company number      12248998
RenterBall Ltd ICO number               ZA432351
Legal documents should be sent to the following address
RenterBall Ltd, 52 Broadhurst Gardens, Burnham-on-sea, Somerset, TA8 1LP