About RenterBall

What is RenterBall?

RenterBall is a review portal for Landlords and Tenants in the UK excluding Northern Ireland

Both make an agreement that they can leave feedback on one another

The aim is to reduce the risk for Landlords of letting a property to someone who has already been a nightmare to a previous Landlord

The aim is also for tenants to prove categorically their previous letting history, which  could entitle them to lower rent as less risk for landlord

Landlords have to cover the cost of a nightmare tenant somehow, they may have insurance, they may ask for a guarantor. but ultimately the good tenant is paying for the bad tenant 


Our vision

RenterBall allows good tenants to rent decent properties , without having to have  perfect references, guarantors, employment history. . Landlords can see a prospective tenant's application and all history of previous renting through RenterBall

Landlords would like to know how you have  treated your current and previous rentals