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  • List adverts
  • Check out applicant profiles
  • Automatically filter out bad tenants
  • Create a RenterBall agreement
  • Leave feedback for Free before the first of next month

Only £1/mon Per RenterBall Agreement

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  • Leave feedback on your tenants
  • Stop bad tenants from renting again
  • Help stop tenants abandoning property
  • If a tenant has debt feedback they cannot use RenterBall again

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Keeping it simple

If you have got one or a hundred active RenterBall agreements you will be billed on the first of the month

£1 per active RenterBall agreement. or 1 Credit

1 Credit = £1

So 5 RenterBall agreements = £5 per month or 5 Credits

If the payment method bounces we will inform you.

You will have until the last day of that month to fix payment, if by the first of the next month, payment isn't fixed, those active RenterBall agreements will be marked as historic.

Once an agreement is historic you will no longer be able to add or edit the feedback.

If you have left debt feedback you will always be able to lower the amount

For Example
You have 10 active agreements,
but only 8 credits in your account (and no PayPal subscription)

The oldest eight agreements will be kept active and the two newest will be marked as historic unless payment is made by the last day of the month,as on the 1st of the following month they will be marked historic.

Tennant signs Renterball agreement on the 22nd of the month.

On the 1st of the following month, the web site will bill your account £1. By default the web site uses any credits you have first. If you do not have enough credit the website will charge the linked Paypal account. If no payment has been received before the first day of the following month as in the above scenario, the agreement will permanently be marked as historic.

Still have questions?

It is completely free to list an advert on RenterBall .