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To keep the RenterBall agreement active it will cost
 £1 or 1 Credit a month
The number of RenterBall agreements times  £1 will be billed on the first of the month


The tenant signs your Renterball agreement on the 22nd of the month.
On the 1st of the following month, you will be invoiced £1
Any credits you have will be used first and then RenterBall will charge the linked PayPal account. If no payment has been received before the following month's first day, as in the above scenario, the agreement will be marked as historic.


10th of January tenant signs a RenterBall agreement
1st of February Landlord invoiced £1 times the number of RenterBall agreements
The active agreements are marked Waiting to become Historic
If payment is not received on the 1st of March the RenterBall Agreement is marked as Historic

Still have questions?

Yes, if you have any concerns regarding the tenancy after the tenant has moved out, we recommend you keep it active for a couple of months afterwards giving you the opportunity to still leave or edit feedback

You would have to start a new RenterBall agreement and hope the tenant will sign it