Frequently Asked Questions?

How does it work

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Fill out your profile with the required information.

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Are you a Landlord/Letting Agent?

If you are a landlord/letting agent, you will need to create/join a landlord page before you can use the website.

You can have multiple landlord pages, and invite your colleagues to join them. Being part of a landlord page allows you to; create and manage adverts, manage applications and tenants.

Click here to go to your landlord page

Posting an advert on RenterBall is free! To manage tenants via Renterball, you need to create an advert. Tenants can apply for your advert via Renterball. If the tenant isn’t on Renterball, you need to ask them to create an account.

View the applications, and the profiles for tenants that have applied to your advert. Contact tenants you are interested in renting to.

Verifying the tenant’s ID, allows you to match them to their RenterBall profile. This allows you to be able to leave feedback on the tenant at any stage during the tenancy.

Review the tenant’s driving license, to confirm it is them. You will need to enter the tenant’s driving license number into the ID verification form, and click submit. If the driving license number is verified, you will be able to send them a RenterBall agreement.

This confirms that both the landlord, and tenant are happy to use the RenterBall system to manage their tenancy and later receive feedback.

Once you have verified the identity of all members of a tenant page, you can select their application and click “send agreement”. The tenant will receive an email, notifying them that an agreement has been sent. The tenant can then sign the RenterBall agreement.

While a Renterball agreement is active, you can leave feedback on a tenant.

Are you a Tenant?

To rent a property via RenterBall, you need to create/join a tenant page. When creating a new page, fill out the household information and invite all the other adults within your household to join the page. You can then start applying to rent a property.

If you’re joining a page, you will be given an invite code to join that page. Enter this invite code, and a page member can then approve your request to join.

Click here to go to your tenant page

To be able to apply for a property, you need a RenterBall account.

Once logged in, search, then browse for a property and then click the apply button.

If you have multiple tenant pages, you’ll need to select which tenant page wants to apply for the property.

After applying for a property, you will need to wait a few days for the landlord to contact you. If you don’t hear back, don’t worry, just apply for more properties.

To start the letting process, landlords need to verify who you are using a driving license. The landlord will submit your driving license number into an ID verification form on the RenterBall website. Once verified, you will be able to sign a RenterBall agreement.

Once all the members of your tenant page have had their ID verified, you can sign a RenterBall agreement.

If you’re sent a RenterBall agreement, you, and all other members of the tenant page, will receive an email notifying you that an agreement is ready for you to accept. Each member of the tenant page has to accept the agreement.

A RenterBall agreement, is not a tenancy agreement and does not give you rights to rent the property.