Enough is Enough
Put an end to Bad Tenants

Together we can weed out bad tenants by simply using RenterBall's

New Feedback System


We ensure a person can only have one verified account by linking their account to UK government issued ID

Be confident that the user cannot just make a new account to run away from bad feedback

This has allowed landlords to be able to leave feedback on tenants and knowing

they can't just run away

without clearing their arrears

Quick Guide

  • 1.
    Post an advert on RenterBall
  • 2.
    Tenant applies on RenterBall
  • 3.
    Check out tenant's profile on RenterBall
  • 4.
    Meet tenant - verify their ID on RenterBall
  • 5.
    Send tenant a RenterBall agreement on RenterBall
  • 6.
    Upon tenant clicking "I agree" it creates an Active RenterBall agreement on RenterBall

Step 1 to 6 is completely free

About RenterBall Feedback

We have taken a different view to sites like eBay that have a good, neutral or negative feedback

We at RenterBall believe we only need

Neutral feedback

a landlord's opinion about their tenant


Debt feedback

This consists of

  • Outstanding rent
  • Legal fees
  • Damages
  • Other

Feedback is made up of 4 parts

1: Comment section

Describe your experience with your tenant

"all we request is any comments you leave, you are willing to stand by in court"

read our Terms of Service for more info

2: Questionnaire

An easy checklist you can review when reading somebody's feedback or leaving feedback

An example of some questions


3: Photos

  • Photos from advert
  • Photos at start of agreement
  • Photos at the end of the tenancy (feedback photos)

Photos really do help to demonstrate the quality of a tenant

Once a RenterBall agreement is set up we link it to the original advert, even with the advert marked as historic you are still able to see the photos.

When you set up the agreement you have the opportunity to include more photographs, like the photos you would normally not include in an advert, like the meter reading so when you go to leave feedback, preferably at the end of the tenancy you could upload more photos to demonstrate the changes over time

When a tenant signs a RenterBall agreement they can see all the photos you've added and they agree to the condition of the property as shown in the photos

There have been many times when a tenant has moved in, damaged something and then complained and made out it was like that when tthey moved in

Time stamped photos proving what condition the property was in and the tenant acknowledging them when they sign the agreement helps

4: Debt Feedack

  • Outstanding rent £.......
  • Legal fees £.......
  • Damages £........

This is the most important section as if you declare the tenant owes you rent or legal fees it blocks them from renting again unless you have put them on a payment plan on RenterBall

To maintain debt feedback you must always be willing to lower the amount if the tenant pays you If a tenant contacts us and say they have not been able to contact you to clear their debt, we will contact you and if we cannot get a response we unfortunately will have to remove the Debt Feedback

So make sure you have up-to-date contact details as we would hate a bad tenant to be able to get away with not paying off their debts

Coming Soon

Tenants will be able to pay their debt straight to RenterBall and we can hold it for a landlord and whenever they wish they can login, supply bank details and we can send it along

RenterBall helps stop Abandonment


RenterBall's solution

If a tenant has an active RenterBall agreement they are blocked from signing a new RenterBall agreement without the current landlord leaving feedback within the last 14 days.

If the landlord has left debt feedback it blocks the tenant from renting again (unless on a payment plan)

Once a tenant has signed a second RenterBall agreement the current landlord is still able to see all of their details (as long as you maintain your active agreement)

For example, where your tenant has moved to, the new landlord's details and more


No need to worry about your tenant not being able to access this website, this website fully works across smart phones and desktop

We do recommend that landlords use the desktop version as the landlord page features layout better

The tenant features are designed to work with smart phones