Ending your tenancy

Never ever just abandon your property
If you just stop paying the rent and disappear and make no attempt to contact your landlord that is considered abandoning the property and it is considered to be a very very very bad thing to do and if you do it you cannot expect to rent again on RenterBall

So you wish to end your tenancy and rent a new property on RenterBall
If your current and new Landlord are both using RenterBall then we suggest you do  the following steps for a smooth move

  1. Ensure you do not have any debt feedback and if you do arrange with your Landlord to deal with the debt

  2. If your new household is made up of different adults then you need a new Tenant Page to reflect the changes

  3. Or update your current Tenant Page household information to reflect your up-to-date status.

  4. Contact your current Landlord and give adequate notice as per your tenancy agreement  

  5. Send a Goodbye Notice to your Landlord which asks for feedback 

  6. Your landlord has 5 days from receiving a Goodbye Notice to leave feedback or on day 6 the system automatically leaves a “No Comment” feedback 

  7. With no debt feedback you have 35 day to apply on new properties and sign a new RenterBall agreement

  8. Apply on new properties on RenterBall

  9. Meet new Landlord and show them your Driving Licence as you did before

  10. When your new Landlord wants to rent to you. sign the new RenterBall agreement within 35 days of getting feedback on your old one

Just to point out
Your current Landlord will be able to see where you have moved to as long as he has kept the agreement active or you have debt feedback or are on a payment plan.

The Landlord will be able to see all the updates to your RenterBall profile/tenant page

Once an agreement has been marked as historic and you don’t have any outstanding debts with that landlord then they will no longer be able to see any new activity on your account, they will be given a time snapshot as at the moment it became historic

Non RenterBall Landlords

If you’re currently renting through RenterBall and expect good feedback and  your new landlord doesn’t use RenterBall then you should do the following

1. Email [email protected] with the new landlord contact info and on your behalf we will contact them and explain that as a good tenant you don’t want to miss out for any loss of potentially good feedback and to ask the landlord to sign you up on RenterBall

Think of it like a no claims bonus on a car
If you rent from a non-RenterBall landlord you are losing your good tenant bonus making it harder for you to rent new properties in the future

Tenants with good feedback on RenterBall find it considerably easier to rent again and have access to a much better choice of properties

Email [email protected] 

Email subject: New Landlords
My new Landlord is not using Renterball, please can you contact them and explain that as a good tenant you don’t want to miss out for any loss of potentially good feedback

Landlord : Name   :.........................
Landlord : Email   :.........................
Landlord : Phone  :.........................
Any other info that can help us contact them please include

Last Updated 2021-05-10