In what circumstances will a Landlord need a Guardian for their new tenant ?

A Guardian is needed for a tenant who doesn't have a UK driving licence and the Guardian’s job is to represent them on RenterBall

It is a compromise for those tenants who would like to apply on an advert but fail the ID check as they legally can’t get even a provisional driving licence so cannot have their ID verified by Renterball staff
So as a landlord you will see a Guardian account apply on your advert
They should mention they are a Guardian of “insert names here” and as a landlord you can read the Guardian’s feedback but not the tenant’s as the  tenant’s don't have a verified Renterball account

If you wish to rent to the tenant on Renterball you need to verify the Guardian’s driving licence and send the Guardian a RenterBall Agreement to sign
The landlord can them leave feedback on the Guardian’s account
The system files a claim on the tenant’s NI Number that you are their landlord
If the tenant gets a verified Renterball account they will be given your claim to sign and if they don’t sign it they can’t use RenterBall to apply on other adverts

So as a landlord you are able to technically now leave feedback on two people
namely the Guardian and the tenant if the tenant eventually registers an account on RenterBall

This means you have a better chance of the tenant behaving well and if not a greater chance of recovering any debts
A Guardian with bad feedback will be unable to represent somebody else or be able to rent themselves

But isn’t that a guarantor ?
No, a guarantor is somebody who agrees to indemnify the tenant if they don’t pay their dues or causes damage.  A guarantor is not a primary party to the agreement but is considered as additional comfort for the landlord. A guarantor will have a strong credit score and earn a sufficient income to meet the obligation. The guarantor therefore has to normally be a house owner who you can sue if the tenant owes you money.
However we strongly encourage landlords to insist the Guarantor also joins the tenant page and receives any feedback as well as the tenant

The more people you can leave feedback on, the better

If the Guardian or Guarantor does not have a UK NI number and a/ UK driving licence they cannot use RenterBall


Last Updated 2021-02-10