Sign Up Your Current Tenant Guide

To be able to sign up your Current Tenants on RenterBall has unfortunately been the trickiest but we try to make it as painless as possible for Landlords and Tenants

You simply file a claim that you are their landlord and then instruct your tenant to login to RenterBall and sign the awaiting RenterBall agreement, 

Job done

Sounds straightforward enough but there are a couple of little issues that make it annoying

so here's the article for the small nitty-gritty details that will hopefully make it fine sailing for you

1.  Data Protection Law  / Updating Privacy Policy
Before you file a claim against your tenant you should update your Privacy Policy, simply add the following text to your existing privacy policy and send it to your tenant

Read more about this under the updated privacy policy article

2.  File a claim (that you're their Landlord)
Step 2 is easy enough, file a claim on your Current Tenant by filling out the form
located on “Ex or Current Tenants page”  in your landlord dashboard
Once you have submitted the form you will have an active claim against your tenant
Unfortunately for current tenants the claim will only be valid for 60 days when you will then have to renew the claim and give your tenant another 60 days to sign the agreement

3.  RenterBall Agreement, filing a claim, what is the difference?
When a landlord files a claim on a Current Tenant the claim consists of a pre-filled out RenterBall agreement attached to the tenant’s NI Number
When an account registers with that Ni number that account is then shown the list of claims filed on them.The tenant is instructed to sign acceptance of the RenterBall Agreement. Until they accept the RenterBall Agreement, their NI Number is blocked from renting on RenterBall

4.  Instruct your Tenant to login to RenterBall and complete their profile
Once a claim has been filed the next time your tenant logs in to RenterBall they will be shown the claim, so therefore you are required to instruct your Current Tenant to actually log into RenterBall or otherwise they wouldn't know to sign it
Here is a Google Docs template letter you are welcome to use
click here
(as the document is set to read-only you are required to download a copy of the document  to edit it)
You are welcome to customise the letter to fit with your tenant's circumstances, we do however recommend giving your tenants a set period of time to sign the RenterBall agreement or threaten legal action to motivate them
Some landlords have told us they send their tenant a Section 21 notice at the same time as sending the letter and inform the tenant that if they successfully sign a RenterBall agreement they will cancel the notice
Landlords should know how much or how little encouragement is needed for their tenant to sign the agreement

5. Tenant is shown a list of all Landlords who claimed they were or are their current Tenant
Tenant account is blocked from applying on adverts
to remove the block they must
1: Sign the RenterBall Agreement or  ......
           2: Contest that they were never your tenant .....








Last Updated 2021-03-02