What is a Goodbye Notice ?

Tenants, if you have an active RenterBall agreement and wish to move to another landlord on RenterBall you are required to have feedback left in the last 14 days before you are able to sign the new RenterBall agreement from the new landlord

Arrange with your current landlord to leave feedback within the last 14 days to help with the switchover between let’s

However if your relationship with your landlord is broken down and you can no longer deal with them you are able to generate and send a Goodbye Notice from your tenant page
( Warning, sending a goodbye notice can be considered very rude so only use it if you have got no other option )

The landlord’s account will receive the Goodbye Notice form which explains they have 14 days to leave feedback, if the landlord doesn’t the system will automatically leave a No Comment feedback on day 15. Once you have received feedback you have 14 days from that date to sign any new agreement

However if the landlord keeps the agreement active at any time the landlord is able and entitled to leave accurate feedback about the experience with renting to you and requesting a goodbye notice form will probably reflect in their feedback 



Last Updated 2021-02-06