What is a RenterBall Agreement ?

A RenterBall Agreement is an online contract between the tenant and the landlord and is permanently linked to both the tenant and landlord pages
The landlord page will be able to leave feedback about the tenancy experience on the RenterBall agreement 
Any future landlord who you invite to read your tenant page will be able to see this RenterBall agreement and will be able to read any feedback left
Also as part of the agreement the landlord can choose to add the following and you will have unrestricted access to read these documents

1: A locked copy of the original advert you applied on
2: Photographs at the start of the tenancy
3: Documents the landlord has included E.g. gas certificate
4: Information about your landlord E.g. Contact details

Upon signing a RenterBall agreement it allows your landlord to

1: Have confidence that you are more likely to honour your tenancy agreement
2: Leave feedback on you
3: Restrict you from abandoning the property 


Last Updated 2021-01-16