Why do Landlord Pages requires ID

At least one member of a Landlord page Is required to upload photographic ID
Upon a Landlord page being verified they are able to
Post adverts

Send RenterBall agreements
File claims on tenants

Legally RenterBall doesn’t need to ask for ID but we believe it is good practice and it helps cut down on fake Landlords

We cannot have anybody pretending to be Landlords and posting fake adverts
or filing claims on people by claiming they were their tenants when they clearly weren’t

RenterBall will keep the uploaded ID safely stored in RenterBall’s admin panel on our servers for as long as your account exists
If the Landlord no longer wishes for RenterBall to have access to a photograph of their ID then contact RenterBall support and withdraw your consent. Your details will be also wiped from any Landlord Pages you are a member of. If you are the only verified user we will need another verified user if you wish to leave the page

Last Updated 2021-01-20