Why do we use Google and Facebook login?

1: Quite simply it makes life so much easier, any device that you’ve already set up a Google or Facebook account on usually can login with just a couple of clicks

2: As we expect tenants to only use our website every couple of years, we don’t expect people to remember their login details for websites they rarely use, but we can be confident people regularly use Facebook or Google and therefore they should have no problems logging in

3: If a tenant loses access to their Google or Facebook account are they blocked from using RenterBall?

Technically yes, they are blocked by default from having a second verified account

If you lose access to your social media account email support
[email protected]
Include in the email a scanned photograph of your ID and explain you have lost access to your account.  We may choose to ask you some security information
Once we are confident it is you we are then able to manually unlink your social media account and connect a new one for you

Do not login with your new Social media account before you’ve spoken to RenterBall support as we are unable to link your old account with your new one if you’ve already logged in with it

Eg   account [email protected]    You have lost access to
So contact support and request  we connect it to your new account
[email protected]    we will be unable to do the merger if you’ve already logged in on RenterBall.com with the new account ( this process does not remove feedback) 

Last Updated 2021-02-20